Project Services

The Project services available from the Dancing Blind Man cover a wide range of purposes, needs and activities.

Usually these are specific tasks undertaken to fulfil a detailed client brief.

Projects can be things like:

  • An overall company wide marketing effectiveness audit;
  • True Breakeven Point Analysis.
  • A Sales program review,
  • Developing strategic, marketing, sales or business plans;
  • Business direction clarification
  • Outside the box business development
  • Providing reports on the  company’s positioning and reach;
  • Creating corporate governance guidelines for a board,;
  • Creating company policies & procedures;
  • Creating a blueprint for organisational development
  • Implementing existing marketing, sales, business or strategic plans;
  • Writing fair work (Australia only) compliant employment contracts;
  • Developing an Exit Strategy
  • Providing a review on on-line strategies including web site and social media executions;
  • Conducting staff training,
  • Management Development
  • Sales Plan development & implementation – including on-line techniques
  • Marketing Plan development & implementation – including on-line techniques
  • IT advice, Web design review, moving on-line
  • A review of business processes with a view to identify & remove ‘choke’ points.
  • Facilitating of Brain Storming, Strategy, Brand, Mission Statement  Sessions
  •  ‘Taking the temperature’ of staff, suppliers and / or customers and…

You get the idea – project work can be whatever your business needs that falls within the skill set and experience I possess.

If what you need is outside of these I will do my best to recommend someone who can fulfil them.

(To date this has occurred only once and involved software coding.)

Once a brief has been developed I will then be able to scope it out in terms of hours required, process and resources (if any) needed to complete the agreed project.

Pricing is very much a function of complexity & time.

Essentially Consulting Projects are a fixed time deliverable that addresses a specific need or issue for your business.

Please contact me via for a no obligation discussion about your needs.

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