Why not just a Coach?

Many business owners or executives are confused about what the differences are between

A Coach passes on Skills

using a Business Coach , a Business Consultant or, most effective of all, a Business Advisor.

A Coach teaches you how to ‘fish’, a Consultant  often puts the ‘fish’ on the table.

A Business Advisor does both and also shows you the best places and ways to fish!!

Coaches tend to be all assignments, a lot of talk and homework, Consultants tend towards all care and little responsibility in their approach.

A professional Business Advisor, however, rolls up their sleeves and works side by side with their clients to actually produce lasting and sustainable changes in their client’s business.

This work may take the form of writing Advertising copy, training staff, creating a marketing campaign, pulling together a strategic plan or just simply getting the right goals in place…

All approaches have their merits and issues – but only the Business Advisor  is able to draw upon the methods of both and more besides

Most of all, in any engagement – it depends upon what you need as the client.

 Essentially a Business Advisor works with you to firstly identify where your business is TODAY and where it needs to go in the future. Then they work with you to uncover the issues in your business that are in the way of achieving the goals identified and provide advice and suggest a range of solutions. The implementation of the solutions is nominally the responsibility of the business owner or executive. The advantage here lies in the fact that the owner is able to learn (& use) new skills and approaches to problem solving whilst sharpening their existing ones. 

The Business Advisor  can offer to and sometimes implements the agreed upon solutions on behalf of the business, its owners and executives. A Business Advisor provides one clear advantage to a busy owner – speed. If you’re stuck or short of time then the Business Advisor can step up and implement some of these changes for you.

By definition a Business Advisor is experienced in a range of tools & methodologies and once a solution has been agreed, the Business Advisor is able to go ahead and implement them without any real learning curve. Unlike using a business consultant who usually takes their knowledge away with them when their project is finished, a Business Advisor leaves behind better equipped and resourced clients..

Sometimes you just need a result…

It has been the experience of the Dancing Blind Man that business coaching or consulting on their own rarely achieve the desired results – this is why we combine deep business experience & coaching with strong business consulting services into a customised client package.

At Dancing Blind Man we supply the best of possible worlds via Strategic Business Advice, Coaching & Consulting. Essentially we offer a blended approach where you can either choose a straight project engagement to fix a particular issue or undertake our  Business Control System where we enable you to move your business towards being put on cruise control.

It is important to note that when we provide the blended approach we also try to transfer as many skills as possible to our clients.

The Dancing Blind Man Business Advisor service combines customised Coaching with business savvy input and focus on areas such as:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Creative/lateral thinking
  • Priority setting and decision-making
  • Leading change, developing staff and performance management
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Time / Self management
  • Work / Life Balance issues
  • Identifying gaps and obstacles to efficiency
  • Increasing productivity,
  • Increasing market share
  • Determining Customer Relationship Management strategies
  • Developing marketing strategies,
  • Marketing Execution
  • Copy writing of ads
  • Business planning,
  • Client management
  • Business Plan writing

Our Business Control System is applicable to all types of business, from business units within large corporations to the owners or managers of small to medium sized businesses.

Solopreneurs & micro businesses can also benefit from this smart system.

The Dancing Blind Man can assist you to:

  • Develop and stay focussed on the right areas of your business
  • Think more strategically
  • Develop new business and self management
  • Gain greater clarity of your goals
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Manage your staff
  • Improve your client & supplier relationships
  • Develop control systems so you work less in the business
  • Better define a balance between work and personal life that works for you

 A Business Advisor can be used for many varied goals and outcomes including but not limited to:

  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting
  • Action plan creation
  • Achieving a better work / life balance
  • Creating & emplacing business control systems
  • Leadership development
  • Better management of resources, processes & cash flow.

Whatever you need – more time, less procrastination, clearer goals, better advertising, stronger systems – the Dancing Blind Man can help.

Contact us at: admin@dancingblindman.com

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