Want to feel free again?

Feel energised, optimistic and purposeful. Know where you want to go and how to get there. Get practical, doable, no BS advice that works...

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Break Free - Take back Control of your Business, your Health & your Life!

Get some of your workload off your shoulders - get the Dancing Blind Man to take on some projects for you...

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It's your choice...

Success can be achieved - someimes we just need an objective partner for a while...

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Want this back?

The thing we all desire but so hard to achieve - don't worry help is at hand...

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Drowning not Waving?

Lost your direction? Not sure of where to take your business? Feeling overwhelmed and can't see a way out? Can't sort the trees from the forest? Don't worry - we can help you regain clarity for your Business and your Personal life. Quickly. Simply. Practically.

How clear are you on your Business??

Clarity on the 7 main aspects of your business is an absolute must if you are going to be able to work less, make more, stress less and gain back time. Most business owners get so caught up in the day to day that they lose sight of the things they need to be clear on and so they slowly lose control of their business and their life. Working with DBM will detangle your business and give back both clarity and control of it.

Hit a brick wall in your Business?

Need better cash flow? Better marketing? Strategies that work & don't just sit on a shelf? Need more resources but don't know where to find them? Maybe you want more time at home, or a way to exit? Your solutions are here...

We're different (but in a good way!!)

We don't just offer advice, or coaching or consulting - we offer what you need! Sometimes you want someone to show you how to fish...Sometimes you need to be shown where to fish...and sometimes you just need to catch your breath and want someone to cook you a fish dinner!! Whatever you need we'll roll up our sleeves and work alongside you and help you get back in charge!!

“Geoff is a good strategic thinker who is always prepared to put forward a new approach to solving business challenges. His mix of retail, marketing, and business management experience leads to innovative yet practical solutions.” Brett Riley, Group General Manager, Telstra Country Wide